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IMS Mtas

IMS MTAS characteristics

The IMS (IP Multimedia Subsystem) MTAS (Multimedia Telephony Application Server) is a services platform.

The main functions of the Cirpack IMS MTAS are to manage:

  1. multimedia services, such as one single fix-mobile number
  2. advanced services, such as availability, instant messaging, data sharing
  3. user’s Selfcare interface
  4. communication interface with the core network infrastructure

The IMS MTAS can run in a Full SIP IMS network which includes an IMS core

The Cirpack IMS MAS can be sold either as a hardware or a virtualized software

IMS MTAS key advantages

The Cirpack IMS MTAS:

  1. is compliant with all national and international specifications
  2. is compliant with 3GPP IMS standard specifications and can be integrated into any IMS core (from Cirpack or third-party editor)
  3. can manage up to 1 million users and can be integrated into all sizes of networks, including points of presence

Why Cirpack ?

At Cirpack,

  1. We have been expert in telephony for +17 years, among which +10 years in SIP VoIP
  2. We manage all different SIP protocols (SIP standards, SIP-I, etc.)
  3. We provide a unique and simplified interface to manage operations and provisioning easily.