Session Border

Security and user control

Key Data

What it does ?

The Cirpack Session Border Controller offers the security mechanisms to protect interactive communication networks from local loop access and interconnection threats. It includes protection from Denial of Service (DoS) attacks, topology hiding, policy enforcement, call admission control and encryption of communication.

As a demarcation point between networks, our SBC also offers interworking of signaling and media flows, including transcoding and aprotocol adaptation to various technical and national standards.

Our SBC benefits from our know-how in voice call switching, implementing advanced routing, traffic control, and portability features. Thus, it is a unique and simple solution for interconnection and transit function in multimedia networks.

Use cases

Services and facilities-based providers which offer IP interactive communication services (such as voice, video, unified messaging, conferencing, presence, gaming and multimedia collaboration) have to manage critical security and service assurance issues at the borders of their network to support residential and business customers.

Our Access SBC protects Internet Service Providers from the local loop users.

Our Interconnect SBC implements and protects SIP interconnection between SIP networks, for instance for long distance peering, or connection with Value Added Service operators.

It can be the case for ASP managing IVR. Our Interconnect SBC also connects PBX to secured and resilient links.


How it works

Our SBC is a unique security solution for SIP networks. Indeed, it is based on Cirpack IMS implementation and benefits from the software architecture of advanced standardization. Besides, it is applied to security and interconnection needs of today’s networks, whether they are IMS compliant or not.

Indeed, network administrators can configure advanced interconnections based on well defined IMS concepts and functions, i.e. PCSCF, IBCF, and BGCF.

Based on these functions, our SBC network can strengthen identity management and respond to growing control needs in both access and interconnect network, preventing intrusion and theft of service. Our SBC also includes a Media Proxy, a unique media plane server, providing RTP stream control and relay, IPv4/v6 conversion, codec adaptation and encryption. Based on the Cirpack Media Proxy, the media flows, through the network, are selected by the business policies defined by the network administrator.

With the adoption of SIP on every device for ever richer service offer, in fixed and mobile networks, our SBC maintains security, quality of experience and service.

Some technical features

Access features

  • Control registrations
  • DOS/DDoS protection
  • topology hiding & privacy
  • RTCP / TCP
  • advanced SIP header manipulation
  • clean up non conform SIP signaling
  • TLS encryption
  • Access controller
  • IPv4 / IPv6 interworking
  • Cloud access SBC
  • VLAN
  • WebRTC Gateway

Interconnection features

  • DOS/DDoS protection
  • topology hiding & privacy
  • service infrastructure protection
  • high performance routing
  • TLS encryption
  • IPv4 / IPv6 adaptation
  • RTP route availability
  • SIP domain routing
  • Advanced transit SBC

Media and transcoding features

  • Media firewall in IP-to-IP communications
  • used in topology hiding
  • used in far-end NAT transversal
  • sRTP encryption
  • transcoding/fix G711 <-> G720 <-> G723
  • transcoding/mobile G722.2(AMR_WB) <-> G722
  • transcoding fix / mobile G729 <-> AMR-NB