Centrex & Unified Communication

Tired of juggling complex telecom solutions that limit your growth? Cirpack empowers you to deliver seamless communication experiences with a unified suite of products built for the future.

Elevate your customer offerings with:

  • Uniquity: Our SaaS-based enterprise telephony solution lets you offer a modern, branded communication experience under your control, generating recurring revenue.

Our core network solutions provide the foundation:

  • Cirpack IMS: Offers a highly scalable, secure, and cloud-native core network, eliminating infrastructure hassles and enabling rapid deployment.
  • Cirpack SBC: Acts as a guardian, ensuring robust security, interoperability, and routing for voice and multimedia services.
  • Managed core network : This hosted service takes the burden off your shoulders, providing a flexible, AI-driven network that scales with your needs.

Further enhance security with:

  • Spoofing prevention Solution: Combat caller ID fraud and build trust with customers through advanced caller identity authentication.

Don't let complex communication solutions hold you back. Contact Cirpack today and see how we can power your success.

Residential Operator
A Business Phone solution

SaaS Enterprise Telephony Solution

Easily and quickly create a new source of recurring revenue with Uniquity

the online professional telephony SaaS solution that liberates enterprise communications.

Uniquity is an OPEX solution for professional telephony, allowing you to offer your business clients a new offering, rich in dedicated services, under your own brand identity.

You focus on your sales force, capture and deploy business clients in a few clicks, quickly and easily.

No CAPEX investment on your part, you bill your monthly subscription to your business clients. This ensures immediate profitability.

Uniquity is a solution developed by Cirpack, which has been managing billions of calls around the world for 20 years, thanks to the recognized excellence of its solutions and teams.

Contact us and discover Uniquity now, the SaaS solution that saves you time and boosts your business.


a versatile and reliable choice for modernizing and enhancing your communication network.

Cirpack IMS is a highly scalable core network solution that enables standard compliant deployments of voice and multimedia services for fixed and mobile networks. It offers carrier-grade infrastructure that can be easily deployed with geographical redundancy. The solution is fully software-based, deployed as a virtualized application, and can scale from serving 500 end users in private LTE deployments to supporting several million subscribers in public networks.

Cirpack IMS provides a complete and modular solution from a single editor, unifying SBC, IMS core, and IMS application servers. It is compliant with telecom regulatory services and supports various use cases such as fixed network NGN modernization, VoLTE/ViLTE/VoWifi, MVNO services, and private LTE/4G Mission Critical deployments. The product also includes features for system operation and management, access, interconnection, security, and core network functionalities.



Empowering Secure and Seamless SIP Communications with Cirpack SBC

Cirpack SBC is a Session Border Controller that provides comprehensive security, interoperability, and routing features for fixed NGN or IMS deployments, as well as VoLTE/ViLTE/VoWifi networks. With its advanced features such as transcoding, encryption, protocol adaptation, routing of calls including number portability, resiliency mechanisms, and monitoring tools for SIP communications, the Cirpack SBC is the ideal solution for service providers looking to protect their SIP infrastructures from threats coming from access networks and interconnections.

The Cirpack SBC is available in three packages: as a hardware product, as software running on COTS servers and virtualized environments, and in Cirpack Cloud, providing flexibility and scalability to meet the needs of any service provider. With its proven track record of robustness, scalability, and reliability, Cirpack is the ideal partner for service providers looking to grow their business and stay ahead of the competition. Choose the Cirpack SBC for your SIP infrastructure and enjoy the benefits of a secure, interoperable, and reliable solution.

Managed core network

With the planned shutdown of copper fibers, IMS is becoming a critical building block of mobile architecture.

“IMS as a Service” by Cirpack is a fully Managed modern core network delivered as a hosted service, secured and build with state-of-the-art Cloud native architecture it can be deployed in less than a day and operated by Cirpack team 24 by 7.

Thanks to its cloud native architecture, it provides full flexibility and elasticity to support traffics peaks. Thanks to its AI driven capacity management, the architecture is constantly optimized to deliver the right infrastructure to meet the required capacity.

During off-peak the infrastructure automatically scales down to adapt resources to the actual traffic.

IMS as a Service by Cirpack is delivered as managed service 100% OPEX based. The monthly fees include 24 by 7 network monitoring, AI driven capacity planning, preventive maintenance, and automated upgrades.

Whether it is a network migration or a brand-new network, “IMS as a Service” by Cirpack is suitable for any type of network operator having plans to generalize SIP across their infrastructure.

Digital cloud
Spoofing prevention

Spoofing prevention

Elevate Caller Identity Security with CIRPACK STIR/SHAKEN Solution

Our advanced framework authenticates caller identities, combating fraudulent calls and call spoofing. Compliant with IETF, ATIS, and French FFT MAN standards, it offers authentication services for service providers, signing operators, and verification at interconnection points. Scalable and flexible, deploy it on any SBC or core network equipment for seamless integration. Enhance customer trust, meet regulatory requirements, and improve operational efficiency with CIRPACK STIR/SHAKEN.