IMS as a Service

Your elastic core network 100% hosted

IMSaaS by Cirpack

  • With the planned shutdown of 2G and 3G Network, IMS is becoming a critical building block of mobile architecture
  • IMSaaS is a fully Managed modern core network delivered as a hosted service
  • Secured and build with state-of-the-art Cloud native architecture it can be deployed in less than a day and operated by Cirpack team 24x7
Digital cloud
Full elasticity

Full elasticity

  • IMSaaS, thanks to its cloud native architecture provides full flexibility and elasticity to support traffics peaks
  • Thanks to its intelligent (AI) capacity management, the architecture is constantly optimized to deliver the right infrastructure to meet the required capacity
  • During off-peak the infrastructure automatically scales down to adapt resources to the actual traffic

Suitable for

Whether it is a network migration or a brand-new network, IMSaaS is suitable for any type of operator having plans to generalize SIP across their infrastructure such as

  • Fixed line operator
  • 4G/5G Network operator
  • 4G/5G Virtual Mobile operator
  • Private 4G/5G infrastructure provider
  • VOLTE, VOWIFI Operators
Suitable for
Fully featured

Fully featured

IMSaaS is based on a modular architecture composed of independent functions

It delivers state-of-the-art IMS core network :

  • includes all IMS core components according to 3GPP standard specifications
  • Scalable Vertically (up to several millions users) and horizontally (spread across several geographies)
  • compliant with all national and international specifications

the main functions of the Cirpack IMS core are to manage :

  • Users’ data (identifications, authentications, authorizations, etc.)
  • Users’ services data (N-play, value-added services)
  • Users’ services steps (voice, video, messaging, data)
  • Interfaces with platform services
  • Interfaces with security equipment: IP interconnect and access

End-to-project management

Cirpack’s SWAT team, made of telecom experts accustomed to various core networks environment, will manage the end-to-end project for network operator :

  • Inventory of the constituent elements of the “Scope- Of-Work”
  • Build up of a pre-production infrastructure
  • Configure the service according to operator
  • requirements
  • Manage the acceptance process
  • Delivers the production infrastructure and configuration
  • Monitor the service thanks to our 24x7 “follow-the- sun” NOC.
  • Maintain the service with latest release
End-to-project management
pay as you us

Pay as you use

  • IMSaaS is mainly charged based on usage
  • The price per unit includes 24x7 network management, AI driven capacity planning, preventive maintenance, automated upgrades and 24x7 NOC
  • Cirpack bears all maintenance costs and consequently, the costs for the network operators are dramatically decreased

Hassle free availability

  • IMSaaS infrastructure reduce drastically installation and upgrade time. A brand-new IMS infrastructure can be setup in less than an hour
  • IMSaaS comes with automated deployment and configuration tools to lean the process to configure and maintain the IMS infrastructure
  • IMSaaS provides carrier grade availability where each component are monitored and optimized in real time thru an AI system
Hassle free availability
Greenest cloud


  • IMSaaS, uses the greenest cloud provider with latest green servers that provides up to 67% in energy saving comparing to regular on premises servers
  • The optimized cooling capacity helps to save 13% energy comparing to on premises infrastructure
  • While adding the elasticity benefits of IMSaaS infrastructure, IMSaaS helps to save up to 85% of energy comparing to regular On-Premise infrastructure

Key Data

Per subscriber / month

  • Including SLA and upgrades
  • Degressive pricing

Setup fees considered as an upfront payment and progressively deduced from the monthly fees

NOC 24x7 – 365 Days a year

Key Data