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Transforming Communication & Collaboration in Your Private Network: Cirpack Solutions

Are you ready to:

Revolutionize secure voice communication: Empower your workforce with Private Volte, our advanced VoLTE/ViLTE/MCPTT solution within your private LTE network.

Deploy a core network in a flash: Simplify and manage your infrastructure with IMS as a Service, our fully managed and scalable cloud-native core network offering.

Offer a powerful telephony solution to your clients: Expand your portfolio with Uniquity, our SaaS-based enterprise telephony solution, and unlock recurring revenue streams.

Cirpack provides innovative solutions for industries and activities using mobile private networks:

Manufacturing: Enhance operational efficiency and safety with seamless communication across your facilities.

Energy & Utilities: Ensure reliable communication for mission-critical operations in remote locations.

Logistics & Transportation: Improve fleet tracking, coordination, and driver safety with secure voice and data services.

Hotels, Basecamps, Oil rigs : Ensure reliable communication and connectivity within a telecom private bubble.


Enhanced Security: Protect your private network and communication with robust security features.

Unmatched Performance: Experience crystal-clear voice quality and reliable data connectivity.

Improved Efficiency: Boost productivity and streamline operations with seamless communication tools.

Reduced Costs: Eliminate reliance on public networks and optimize infrastructure with scalable solutions.

Easy Deployment & Management: Simplify core network deployment and management with cloud-based offerings.

Ready to unleash the power of your private network?

Contact Cirpack today and discover how our solutions can transform your communication and collaboration.

Managed Core Network
Mobile Private Networks

Private VoLTE

Cirpack IMS for private network telephony

Based on a versatile implementation of industry standards from 3GPP, GSMA and ETSI, Cirpack IMS solution applies to private mobile networks, as well as to public fixed networks and public mobile networks.

With the Cirpack IMS solution, mobile networks can benefit from a lightweight, carrier grade, easy to use, and reliable IMS infrastructure. Cirpack IMS provides a full telephony solution, including the foundation of the 3GPP Mission Critical Push to Talk (MCPTT) architecture.

Cirpack IMS core Architecture

Cirpack IMS is a complete virtualized SIP solution, based on:

  • the Cirpack virtual SBC, composed of P-CSCF, E-CSCF, BGCF and IBCF functions, as defined by IMS standardization
  • the Cirpack vIMS core, composed of I-CSCF and S-CSCF, providing rendezvous and service control functions,
  • and the Cirpack Telephony Application Server providing a 3GPP multimedia telephony (MMtel) implementation, coupled with monitoring, provisioning and selfcare web applications.

This integrated SIP solution includes end user authentication, profile and service management, call control, modern multimedia telephony services such as VoLTE and ViLTE services, VoNR, IMS access to the MCPTT application servers.

Managed core network

“IMS as a Service” by Cirpack is a fully Managed modern core network delivered as a hosted service, secured and build with state-of-the-art Cloud native architecture it can be deployed in less than a day and operated by Cirpack team 24 by 7.

Thanks to its cloud native architecture, it provides full flexibility and elasticity to support traffics peaks. Thanks to its AI driven capacity management, the architecture is constantly optimized to deliver the right infrastructure to meet the required capacity.

During off-peak the infrastructure automatically scales down to adapt resources to the actual traffic.

IMS as a Service by Cirpack is delivered as managed service 100% OPEX based. The monthly fees include 24 by 7 network monitoring, AI driven capacity planning, preventive maintenance, and automated upgrades.

Whether it is a network migration or a brand-new network, “IMS as a Service” by Cirpack is suitable for any type of network operator having plans to generalize SIP across their infrastructure.

Managed Core Network
A Business Phone solution

SaaS Enterprise Telephony Solution

Easily and quickly create a new source of recurring revenue with Uniquity

the online professional telephony SaaS solution that liberates enterprise communications.

Uniquity is an OPEX solution for professional telephony, allowing you to offer your business clients a new offering, rich in dedicated services, under your own brand identity.

You focus on your sales force, capture and deploy business clients in a few clicks, quickly and easily.

No CAPEX investment on your part, you bill your monthly subscription to your business clients. This ensures immediate profitability.

Uniquity is a solution developed by Cirpack, which has been managing billions of calls around the world for 20 years, thanks to the recognized excellence of its solutions and teams.

Contact us and discover Uniquity now, the SaaS solution that saves you time and boosts your business.