Next Generation


What it does ?

Our Softswitch is a carrier grade telephony platform for Next Generation Network (NGN) deployments. Thanks to its extended capabilities and its scalability, it provides a future proof solution to the voice service operators, and follows the network growth with new customers and new services.

Our Softswitch can be deployed as a Class 5 switch to serve end-users over any type of access (e.g. xDSL, Cable, Wifi, VoLTE) and deliver highly attractive services such as:

  • one single number for both fix and mobile
  • a family number to reach all the family and/or individual numbers to reach one single person
  • multi-ringing to get calls simultaneously on multiple devices (desk phone, tablet, PC, or smartphone) when on the go.
  • Our Softswitch can also be deployed as a Class 4 switch to connect other carriers over VoIP or TDM connections and routing calls based on different routing criteria. It delivers a high quality service to the operator while optimizing the cost and increasing the margin.

Use cases

Class 5 use cases

VoIP service in Triple or quadruple play offer With our Softswitch, rich telephony services can be delivered over broadband access xDSL, Cable, Wifi, VoLTE.

SIP Trunking Corporate IP-PBX can be can be connected and delivered telephony services while ensured a high level of security and resiliency.


Class 4 use cases

PSTN to VoIP migration Thanks to the large product range of Media Gateways and the support of different PSTN and VoIP protocols, our Softswitch helps the telecom operator to smoothly migrate their network from PSTN to NGN.

Wholesale Carriers can be connected through different protocols and detailed CDRs are generated

How it works

Our Softswitch is encompassed of a controller software which can run on a virtualized platform or on commercial off-the-shelf servers and large product range of Media Gateways having fiber STM1 or copper E1 connectivity.

It is fully redundant and scalable from 10 000 subscribers to millions and from 32 to 8000 E1. Our Softswitch provides a rich set of signaling interface from R2, ISDN, SS7 ISUP, MGCP to SIP to get a scalable product, matching any type of voice service deployment. Our Softswitch can also be paired with our Media Gateways to provide a powerful and dense IP/TDM gateway function, allowing bridging analog, TDM, and IP networks and performing when needed advanced transcoding.

  • The MGW4000 converts 63 E1 (SDH) to as many VoIP channels with powerful DSP processing.
  • The RTG500/RTG1000 converts 8 or 16 copper E1s to as many VoIP channels (copper or fiberEthernet). In case of Class 5 deployment, our Softswitch Selfcare allows the end-user to access their directory, call logs, voice messages and their service options such as call forwarding from a desktop or a mobile browser.

Some technical features

Class 5 features

  • Call forwarding and transfer
  • Conference
  • Call Barring & protection
  • Anonymous call transfer
  • Identity presentation and restriction
  • Multi ringing with SIP forking
  • Hunting group
  • Fixed mobile convergence
  • Regulatory services (legal intercep, emergency numbers).

Class 4 features

  • Traffic routing based on rich criteria (called, calling, incoming trunk, time based)
  • Load balancing on different route
  • Reselection in case of failure
  • Number portability
  • Admission control based on calling identity

Supported protocols

  • SIP with support of national interconnect flavor (France, Germany, Italy)
  • ISUP over 30 national variants are supported
  • MGCP
  • ISDN, V5.2, R2

OSS/BSS Features

  • Provisionning interface based on web services
  • Call detailed record generation
  • Statistics related to the traffic
  • SNMP alarms for supervision
  • Traces and log for easy troubleshooting