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Customer requirements

Customer requirements

The client, a telecommunications operator, aimed to provide its business subscribers with a solution to replace their on-site PABX systems for final customer companies.

Additionally, they wanted to enhance their offering with innovative and customizable unified communication.

The client sought to optimize operational and maintenance costs while ensuring service quality and data security.

Cirpack Answer

Using the Uniquity platform by Cirpack, the client successfully transitioned from traditional PABX to a cloud-based solution.

Alongside physical phones, they introduced a web and mobile application that combines professional telephony features with unified communication.

This integrated solution includes voice communication, instant messaging, file sharing, and team collaboration, all centered around visio and group interactions.

Uniquity’s cloud-native architecture provides flexibility, high availability, and cost reduction.

Moreover, the platform adheres to strict security and confidentiality standards, meeting the quality expectations of a telecom operator.

Cirpack Answer