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Customer requirements

The customer is a regional mobile operator who wants to offer its subscribers voice over LTE (VoLTE) and decommission its legacy MSC servers.

The customer was looking for an IMS (IP Multimedia Subsystem) solution that was flexible, scalable starting with 50K subscribers and expected to grow around 200k users, and compatible with market standards especially with an existing prepaid server, and a portability server.

A special requirement was also to handle the mobile telephony service as well as the fixed telephony service in a converged IMS solution.

Cirpack Answer

Cirpack deployed its IMS network solution, handling telephony according to IR.92 standard.

The solution includes the SBC, the IMS core, the MMTel AS and the SCC-AS for inter generation handover (service continuity between 3G and 4G coverage) and service centralization (calls initiated under 3G coverage under control of the VoLTE IMS).

The Cirpack VoLTE IMS is interfaced with the operator HSS, and with the EPC PCRF for control of quality of service.

The Cirpack fixed service dedicated UPSF (User Profile Service Function), implementing a HSS for fixed subscribers can be added to avoid additional load on the mobile network USS.

Geographical redundancy was deployed to cope with remote sites that must remain active without connectivity.