Mobile Operator

Cirpack Solution for Mobile Operators deliver a seamless, carrier-grade solution designed to meet the ever-evolving demands of modern telecommunications

Empower your network with:

  • Seamless voice, video and messaging: Expand your service offerings with high-quality video calls and rich messaging features.
  • Unmatched scalability: Serve millions of subscribers with ease, thanks to our robust and adaptable infrastructure.
  • Effortless compliance: Rest assured knowing Cirpack VoLTE adheres to all regulatory standards, including STIR/SHAKEN for enhanced security.
Mobile operator


Empowering Next-Generation Communications with Cirpack VoLTE

Are you looking to revolutionize your network with a cutting-edge VoLTE solution? Look no further than Cirpack VoLTE! Our highly scalable core network solution is designed to meet the demands of modern telecommunications, offering seamless Voice over LTE deployments compliant with industry standards.

With Cirpack VoLTE, you can elevate your mobile network with HD voice, VoWifi, video, and rich messaging services, all on a lightweight, carrier-grade infrastructure. Our solution encompasses a complete SIP chain, from end user authentication to call routing and interconnection, ensuring a robust and reliable telephony experience.

Whether you are a mobile network operator, MVNO, or planning a private LTE deployment, Cirpack VoLTE has you covered. Benefit from our modular and scalable solution, capable of serving hundreds to millions of subscribers with ease. Plus, rest assured knowing that our solution is fully compliant with telecom regulatory services, guaranteeing a seamless and secure communication environment.

Spoofing prevention

Elevate Caller Identity Security with CIRPACK STIR/SHAKEN Solution

Our advanced framework authenticates caller identities, combating fraudulent calls and call spoofing. Compliant with IETF, ATIS, and French FFT MAN standards, it offers authentication services for service providers, signing operators, and verification at interconnection points. Scalable and flexible, deploy it on any SBC or core network equipment for seamless integration. Enhance customer trust, meet regulatory requirements, and improve operational efficiency with CIRPACK STIR/SHAKEN.