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Enterprise solutions

Cirpack offer for enterprise users

Cirpack provides a multi-services offer for enterprise users. It is distributed by Communication Services Providers (CSPs) and organized in 4 axes:

  1. Unified Communications (collaborative).
  2. SIP Trunking (PBXs connection).
  3. Cloud PBX (hosted PBX).
  4. security and user control.

Unified Communications (collaborative)

In the Unified Communications (UC) are included several services for enterprise collaborators:

  1. real time communication tools, such as fixed and mobile telephony, video conferencing
  2. collaborative tools, such as instant messaging, availability, file and screen sharing.

SIP Trunking (PBXs connection)

In the SIP Trunking (or PBXs connection) are included several services for enterprises provided with a PBX (Private Branch Exchange) platform.

It enables to implement a broadband access link and to collect and end telephony traffic. Telephony services are usually managed by the PBX

Cloud PBX (hosted PBX)

In the Cloud PBX (or hosted PBX) are included several hosted services similar to the telephony services provided by a PBX.

With a Cloud PBX, an enterprise can outsource their telephony systems and stop managing their traditional PBX.

Why Cirpack ?

For +17 years, Cirpack has been a key player in the N-play offer providing a reliable and robust VoIP solution.

Cirpack is one out of few editors to provide the whole value chain to telecom operators. Our solutions help them to set up the 3 network segments:

  1. Core network infrastructure.
  2. Communication services platforms.
  3. Security access and user control.