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Access SBC

Access SBC (Session Border Controller) characteristics

In a Full IP NGN and SIP network, the main functions of the Cirpack access SBC are to:

  1. protect core network and services platforms from malwares from external third party networks
  2. present the unique and secured public interconnection point to local third-party networks
  3. hide core network and services platforms topology
  4. manage interfaces between core network and services platforms
  5. manage users’ access control according to user name, IP address, DNS
  6. colect and end users’ traffic

The Cirpack access SBC is sold as a hardware

Access SBC key advantages

The Access SBC is:

  1. proven and multi-services : transit, PBX connection, SIP interoperability
  2. can manage up to 64 000 signaling and media sessions
  3. scalable and adaptable to any size of networks

Why Cirpack ?

At Cirpack,

  1. Our products are compliant with national and international specifications
  2. Our solution is reliable, stable and flexible
  3. We manage 20 billions of communications every year through +120 customers (among which Free, Ewe Tel, Telecom Italia, Bestel) based on 3 continents
  4. Our Media Gateway can manage up to 8 000 E1

The Cirpack Media Gateway NGN is sold as a hardware with optical and copper electrical interfaces.