Class 5 Softswitch NGN.

Class 5 Softswitch NGN characteristics

The Cirpack Class 5 Softswitch NGN is provided with a users’ database and Media Servers.

The main functions are to manage:

  • users’ access, connection and status
  • users’ calls and telephony services according to their profiles
  • legal services (lawful interception, emergency numbers, portability)
  • users’ database

Media Server characteristics

The main functions of the Cirpack Media Servers are to manage:

  • available voice calls resources
  • voice calls depending on users’ services

The Cirpack Media Server is sold as a hardware

Class 5 Softswitch NGN key advantages

The Cirpack Class 5 Softswitch NGN

  • compliant with all national and international specifications
  • can manage up to 1 million users and can be integrated into all sizes of networks, including points of presence

Why Cirpack ?

At Cirpack,

  • Our products are compliant with national and international specifications
  • Our solution is reliable, stable and flexible
  • We manage 20 billions of communications every year through +120 customers (among which Free, Ewe Tel, Telecom Italia, Bestel) based on 3 continents
  • Our Media Gateway can manage up to 8 000 E1

The Cirpack Media Gateway NGN is sold as a hardware with optical and copper electrical interfaces.