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Multimedia telephony

* For enterprise

What it does ?

The Cirpack Multimedia Telephony Application Server aims at delivering multimedia services to the telecom operators, on top of our IMS core network. The services include:

  1. one single number for both fix and mobile
  2. a family number to reach all the family and/or individual numbers to reach one single person.
  3. presence, instant messaging, file/image/video transfer
  4. selfcare access to allow end-users to configure their services.

With the Multimedia Telephony Application Server, telecom operators can connect corporate IP PBX through SIP trunking and deliver telephony services to the enterprise users.

Use cases

Triple or quadruple play deployment ith our Multimedia Telephony Application Server, rich telephony services can be delivered over broadband xDSL access, cable, wifi, voLTE.

SIP Trunking Corporate IP-PBX can be connected to deliver telephony services while ensuring a high level of security and resiliency.

How it works

The Multimedia Telephony Application Server is virtualized and scalable, it runs on commercial off the shelf servers.

It can be deployed as a module of our IMS core network or on top of an IMS core network provided by another vendor.

Some technical features

  1. multimedia services: voice/video calls, messaging, file transfer and image sharing services, presence
  2. regular Class 5 complementary services: CLIR/CLIR/COLR, call forwarding, call Baring and protection, regulatory services
  3. SIP identity/subscription related capabilities: family group and multi-ringing
  4. connecting IP PBX by SIP trunking
  5. selfcare web server.
  6. billing and accounting services
  7. unified provisioning and monitoring

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