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Uniquity Centrex

* For enterprise

What it does ?

The Cirpack Uniquity Centrex Application enables service providers to launch rapidly and easily an advanced telecommunication service for corporate users. It enables users to connect IP phones from many and access many innovative features.

The Uniquity Centrex application offers business call services such as hunting groups, call restrictions, secretary filtering. It also contains a messaging server, voice Conference Bridge, a programmable IVR, and a selfcare portal.

An optional Outlook plugin for click-to-dial feature and SIP call notifier, and printToFax plugin are also available for Uniquity Centrex end-users.

Use cases

Fixe mobile convergence for Business Centrex

The Uniquity Centrex application provides a fixed mobile convergence service to allow Uniquity centrex end-users to access to their services and be reachable, from a regular SIP phone and from a mobile phone as well. In this case, the Uniquity Centrex application manages users that are declared with a regular fixed phone number for their IP phone, and a mobile phone number as an external account number.

The advantage is that the end-users, the persons calling or called by the Uniquity centrex user only type or see the company extensions.

The requirement on the mobile network is to route calls from the mobile to the ACS platform, based on a defined prefix (i.e. #88) dialed by the end user.

The mechanism implemented by the ACS relies on:

  1. linking to the same account the company extension number and a mobile phone number
  2. providing the flexible SIP from and to header manipulation and routing, based on the end-user profile.

How it works

There are two ways for devices to access the Cirpack SIP Centrex Services:

the Cirpack SIP Centrex appliance, located in the customer premises

it uses SSL server to connect the IP phones to the SIP Centrex Application. It offers many facilities to the Service provider:

  1. security: signaling and communication flows are encrypted through SSL
  2. auto-provisioning: SIP devices are automatically provisioned using the SIP Centrex appliance,customer management interface and configuration server
  3. high availability for voice calls: up to 5 voice links can be used with the appliance. If any issue such as IP connectivity or quality (packets loss and latency) occurs on the under usage link, the appliance will automatically switch the voice calls without ongoing call interruption to another available link
  4. monitoring: using Cirpack SIP Centrex appliance, it is possible to monitor the IP link to the SIP Centrex application
  5. WAN access through a SBC, for IP phones or softphones that can be running on a laptop or any other device such as smartphone (3G/4G or WIFI for internet access

Some technical features

The Uniquity Centrex Application provides in a packaged application

  1. a voice messaging server -a voice conference bridge
  2. a programmable IVR
  3. a selfcare portal
  4. an administration portal in addition to the call control service.

Cirpack provides also a mobile softphone application available on iPhone and Android, which runs as an OTT client for the Centrex service, using the IP connectivity of the mobile network.

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