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Uniquity SmartRCS

* For enterprise

What it does ?

The Cirpack Uniquity SmartRCS server enables service providers to launch quickly and easily an OTT communication service offering: buddy list, presence management, and fully multimedia real time communications including voice, video, instant messaging, screen sharing and file messaging.

The service is accessible from iPhone and Android phones with the Cirpack Audience Mobile application, as well as desktop web browsers though support of the W3C standard WebRTC.

Our Uniquity SmartRCS server is intended to enrich dramatically PBX or class 5 services (i.e. SIP centrex application such as Uniquity Centrex, or a SIP residential service such as Cirpack NGN Softswitch). The deployment of service is facilitated by the way it is installed in the operator network, as only a regular SIP trunking is needed to connect the service.

Use cases

Uniquity for Residential service

The Uniquity SmartRCS server provides communication services to users that are already provisioned in a regular SIP based Class 5 service. The users have then access to their regular SIP service, typically VoIP POTS service, and can experience, in addition, voice/video/messaging/file transfer on a mobile application and on Web browser through Uniquity SmartRCS server.

This type of deployment can also apply to Centrex subscribers.

Uniquity for Business service with legacy PBX

The Uniquity SmartRCS server provides communication services to users that are already provisioned on a PBX. It connects to the SIP infrastructures with SIP peering, the same way than the PBX.

Uniquity for Business service with Uniquity Centrex

The Uniquity SmartRCS server provides communication services to users that are provisioned in the Uniquity.

How it works

The Uniquity SmartRCS server works as a front end of a Class 5 application. It handles two types of calls: Uniquity to Uniquity calls, called on-net calls, and off-net calls for calls from/to Uniquity with the public telephone network.

On-net calls then take benefit from the latest voice and video codecs for the best end user experience.

Siting in the network as an OTT solution, the Uniquity SmartRCS application makes rich communications available on any IP network, without requiring peering or roaming procedure.

Some technical features

The Uniquity SmartRCS server provides a SIP proxy and registrar, a SIP presence server, a messaging server, a Mobile PUSH server, and a WebRTC access server

Uniquity SmartRCS server also provides NAT traversal and VoIP blockage workaround features.

It comes with a mobile application available on iPhone and Android phones.

Uniquity SmartRCS server is accessible for end user on any browser compliant with the WebRTC standard from the W3C.

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